Thursday, June 23, 2011


When telling a few people I was having in an implant I had a few odd looks until I explained it was a dental one!  After a false start on the 10th I actually had it done a week later on  the Sat morning. 

Instead of having a general anaesthetic it is done in the chair under oral sedation.  I was sent 4 tablets to take 90 minutes before my appointment, which I did, but I hadn't had lunch and so had some of the pumpkin soup I'd been making at the same time.  When Erica came to take me I remember her sitting down to have some and she and Ainsley accused me of being off my face so told them to get my camera.  I don't remember much after that until later that evening when I woke up realising I was wearing different clothes and my mouth not feeling any different.  It turns out I was sick shortly after leaving home so Erica brought me home and rang the surgery before she and Ainsley got me changed and put me to bed.  I do remember hearing Niel drive in and thought he must have changed his mind about staying in Trayning for the weekend but the girls had been worried about me and phoned him.

When an unknown phone number come up on a missed call on my mobile and then the home phone rang I thought it might have been the dentist ringing to see how I was feeling and yes it was.  He organised the receptionist to ring me on Monday and suggest trying again on the Saturday morning but I'd take the tablets once I was there at 8am. 

He gave me 2 to start with and another 1 once I was in the chair.  I remember the needles and some of the scraping and drilling but decided I would just treat it like it was just another filling and that I could pray for people in a worse situation than me.  Apparently I told Niel about it on the way home but of course have no memory of that.  I do remember feeling the thread as he was putting in the stitches and opening my eyes a couple of times on the way home but not a lot else until about 3:30pm.

I had a very swollen upper lip area and was advised by Ainsley that I shouldn't go to church the next day!  I have had some bruising which has caused some discussion but thankfully the pain hasn't been too bad, even when I've forgotten to take any of pain relief tablets he prescribed.  I've only had 1 today so am just about back to 'normal'. 

Sunday 11th June

Wed 22 June

Thur 23 June

Tomorrow I have an appointment to have the stitches out so it will be interesting to see what he has to say about it all.....

Friday, June 3, 2011

I loved this card and so had to make my own version....